Our Newest Blessing

It’s been quite a while since I’ve consistently written here.  I’ve explained in my last few posts that life has just been crazy busy, but I haven’t explained why.


That’s right, my husband and I are expecting our FIRST baby!  We are oh so excited!  We found out about this new addition late this summer, and it’s been a whirlwind since then!

We had our first ultrasound on September 5th, and Baby Self had a supersonic heart rate of 190bpm!  They say that means we’re having a girl, but we still have another month before we’ll know for sure.



Wow!   We were so amazed as we stared at our precious baby, and listened to his/her(?) heartbeat.  Pregnancy is such a miracle!

These first 3 months of pregnancy have been both wonderful and exhausting.  Aside from coming and going to work, I haven’t had much energy left for writing.  (Or brain power!)  For that–I apologize!  I truly love writing for all of my readers, and I love what God teaches me through writing.  As I’m entering my second trimester, I’m hoping to ease back into writing more often.  For now I’m thinking that may be only 2 posts per month, but I promise I’ll keep at it!

Thank you all for reading, and for celebrating our newest blessing with us!

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