Extraordinary Women #4 {Everyday Examples}

Today I’m finishing up my Series on Extraordinary Women.  I’ve told you about my mom, Nancy Leigh Demoss, and Elisabeth Elliot.  Each of them have impacted my life in a great way, and today I’d like to add a few more women to the list.  These new women are faithful believers who you’ve probably never met, and who you’ve more than likely never heard of.  They are the kind of ladies that most of us consider to be average, everyday women.  But there is something special that stands out about each of them, that causes me to want to watch and learn from them.

1.  Mrs. Vickie

If you go to my home church, you probably know exactly what it is about Mrs. Vickie that makes her extraordinary to me.  Mrs. Vickie is the one person that I call my “prayer warrior.”  Anytime I have a prayer request, I know for a fact that I can send it her way.  I know for a fact that she will pray for that request–and that she will pray more than once.  I know that she will be on her knees, interceding on my behalf.  I know that she will follow up with me to see if my prayers have been answered, or if the prayer need has changed.  I know that she believes in prayer.

So many times I’ve had someone tell me they’d “be praying for me” about something, only to have them completely forget.  I, too, have forgotten to lift up requests that I’ve promised to pray for.  Other times, I’ve prayed casually about those requests.  Maybe I prayed once, but then forgot all about it.  It’s a common failure for Christians, but it boils down to one of two factors.  Either our faith in the power of prayer is lacking, or our love for our brothers & sisters in Christ is lacking.  Mrs. Vickie is abundant in both her love for others, and her faith in the power of prayer!  Those two things combined drive her to be in consistent prayer for those around her!  I’m so incredibly blessed to have her as my prayer warrior!

2.  Mrs. Jerry

Mrs. Jerry is also from my home church.  She’s been widowed for many years now, and has poured herself into her children, grandchildren, and church family.  She goes on mission trips.  She teaches Bible School.  She faithfully sends cards out to pretty much everyone.  One of the biggest joys in my life has been receiving cards from Mrs. Jerry.  While away at college, I cannot tell you the joy I received from opening my mailbox and finding real mail.  Handwritten envelopes and cards.  She sent cards for any special event I can imagine.  When I decided to spend my summer doing missions overseas, she sent a card with encouraging Scripture.  Last month, for my husband’s and my first anniversary, we received a card from Mrs. Jerry!  I was so excited that she had remembered to send a card.  I’m certain she must have a calendar somewhere with important dates scribbled from front to back, but I’m still amazed that she always remembers.  In addition to the special dates, she sends even more cards at random.  When I visited home for Easter and she was out of town, she sent a card of encouragement and let me know she missed seeing us.

As my life has changed so many times in the past ten years, very few things have remained constant.  Mrs. Jerry’s cards are one of those things!  Somehow they always arrive on a day when I’ve been stressed or overwhelmed, and the words inside are exactly what I need in that moment.  It’s clear that the Lord has given her the gift of exhortation, and she is always open to his leading as she writes.  The messages she sends are clearly not from her, but from the Lord.  It is for that reason that I aspire to be like her.  If I get the opportunity to be a stay-at-home mom, card-writing will be the very first thing I take up.  I’ve seen firsthand the encouragement she brings to the world around her, and I could only hope to be such an blessing to others!

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